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Wars And Warriors: Joan Of Arc The Game

there are also a lot of civilians in the game. but they don't do anything. it's as if they don't exist in the game. it's kind of a waste. you can't interact with them, and you can't check their stats. it's one of those annoying things where they don't add any value to the game.

Wars and Warriors: Joan of Arc the game

trevor chan: for multiplayer games, you can assign each class to a specific button. for example, the archers can shoot with the right mouse button, and the knights can attack with the left mouse button. this allows you to control the characters by using one button. but for single-player games, this would be difficult to implement since you would have to create a special button to control every character.

the two main problems with using the mouse to control the game are that you can only move joan forward and to the right. if you are on a horse, you can't turn to the left. if you are close to an enemy, it's almost impossible to move into range to attack them.

trevor chan: i'm interested in creating games that have a gameplay experience that is different from the average real-time strategy game. to do this, i aim to design the game with a unique battle mechanic.

i first thought of using a turn-based engine, but i quickly realized that it would be impossible to create a compelling game in which you could freely maneuver around the map without waiting for the turn mechanic to be resolved. then i was introduced to the concept of a 2d top-down, real-time, action-oriented engine. this fit the bill perfectly: it would have the same strategic depth as the real-time strategy games, but would be more compelling because of its action-oriented interface.


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